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King Crimson Discography  -Lineup 6-

Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Trey Gunn, Pat Mastelotto


The ConstruKction Of Light    (2000)

Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With    (2002)

The Power To Believe    (2003)


Heavy ConstruKction    (2000)

Level Five    (2001)

The King Crimson Collectors' Club ( D.G.M. Collectors' Club )

Live In Nashville, TN 2001    (KCCC19,  2002)

EleKtriK - Live In Japan 2003    (KCCC Special Edition, 2003)

Live In Warsaw 2000    (KCCC28,  2004)

Live in Milan, 2003    (KCCC39,  2008)

Live In New Haven, CT 2003    (KCCC44,  2011)

Film Work

Eyes Wide Open    (2003)

Tour Box

The Power To Believe Tour Box    (2003)

DGM Live Librfary

King Crimson Lineup 6, 2000

King Crimson Lineup 6, 2001

King Crimson Lineup 6, 2003