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King Crimson Discography  -Compilation-

Young Person's Guide To King Crimson    (1975)

The Return Of King Crimson    (1981)

The Compact King Crimson    (1986)

King Crimson 1989    (1989)

The Essential King Crimson : Frame By Frame    (1991)

The Abbreviated King Crimson : Heartbeat    (1991)

Sleepless : The Concise King Crimson    (1993)

The First Three    (1993)

Schizoid Man    (1996)

Cirkus : The Young Persons' Guide To King Crimson Live    (1999)

A Beginners' Guide To The King Crimson Collectors' Club    (2000)

The 21st Century Guide To King Crimson Vol.1 1969-1974    (2004)

The 21st Century Guide To King Crimson Vol.2 1981-2003    (2005)

The Condensed 21st Century Guide To King Crimson 1969-2003    (2006)

The Collectors' King Crimson Sampler    (2007)

A MOJO Anthology  Rare, classic, unusual and live 1969-2019    (2019)