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Andy Summers     アンディー・サマーズ

Love Is : Eric Burdon & The Animals
Police Academy : Strontium 90
Outlaodos d'Amour : The Police
Reggatta de Blanc : The Police
Zenyatta Mondatta : The Police
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da / Behind My Camel : The Police
2010 / To Hal And Back : Andy Summers
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack  Down And Out In Beverly Hills
Don't Stand So Close To Me '86 : The Police
XYZ : Andy Summers
...Nothing Like The Sun : Sting
Circus Hero : Circa Zero

Barry Andrews     バリー・アンドリューズ

White Music : XTC
Rossmore Road / Win A Night Out With A Well-Known Paranoiac : Barry Andrews
Rossmore Road / Pages Of My Love : Barry Andrews

Brian Eno     イーノ

Roxy Music : Roxy Music
For Your Pleasure : Roxy Music
Here Comes The Warm Jets : Eno
Taking Tiger Mountain ( By Strategy ) : Eno
Dali's Car : Eno
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway : Genesis
Fear : John Cale
The End : Nico
June 1, 1974 : Kevin Ayers - John Cale - Eno - Nico
Slow Dazzle : John Cale
Helen Of Troy : John Cale
Diamond Head : Phil Manzanera
Main Stream : Quiet Sun
Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard : Robert Wyatt
Peter And The Wolf : Various Artists
801 Live
Tracks & Traces : Harmonia 76
Tracks & Traces reisue : Harmonia 76

Music From The Penguin Cafe : Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Rain Dances : Camel
Cluster & Eno : Cluster & Eno
Low : David Bowie
Listen Now : Phil Manzanera / 801
After The Heat : Eno Moebius Roedelius
Ambient 1 / Music For Airports : Brian Eno
Q:Are We Not Men? A:We Are Devo! : Devo
No New York
More Songs About Buildings And Food : Talking Heads
Fear Of Music : Talking Heads
In A Land Of Clear Colours : Robert Sheckley
Ambient 2 / The Plateaux Of Mirror : Harold Budd / Brian Eno
Fourth World Vol. 1 Possible Musics : Jon Hassell / Brian Eno
Ambient 3 / Day Of Radiance : Laraaji
Dream Theory In Malaya  Fourth World Volume Two : Jon Hassell
Ambient 4 / On Land : Brian Eno
Apollo  Atmospheres & Soundtracks : Brian Eno with Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno
The Pearl : Harold Budd / Brian Eno with Daniel Lanois
Caribbean Sunset : John Cale

The Unforgettable Fire : U2
Dune / Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Thursday Afternoon : Brian Eno
The Joshua Tree : U2
Rattle And Hum : U2
Words For The Dying : John Cale
Wrong Way Up : Eno / Cale
Achtung Baby : U2
Us : Peter Gabriel
Complete Service : YMO
The Shutov Assembly : Brian Eno
Brian Eno I  instrumental : Brian Eno
Brian Eno II  vocal : Brian Eno
Laid : James
Zooropa : U2
Brian Eno I & II  Sampler : Brian Eno
Mamouna : Bryan Ferry
Wah Wah : James
JAM J : James VS The Sabres of Paradise

Spinner : Brian Eno / Jah Wobble
1. Outside : David Bowie
Original Soundtracks 1 : Passengers
Booth and the Bad Angel : Booth and the Bad Angel
Songs In The Key Of X
The Drop : Brian Eno
Whiplash : James
Shleep : Robert Wyatt
Sonora Portraits : Brian Eno
Millionaires : James
Music for 陰陽師
Exile : Geoffrey Oryema
All That You Can't Leave Behind : U2
Drawn From Life : Produced By Brian Eno & J.Peter Schwalm
Pleased To Meet You : James
Frantic : Bryan Ferry
6PM : Phil Manzanera
How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb : U2
Beat The Border : Geoffrey Oryema
Cuckooland : Robert Wyatt
Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack   Clean
More Music For Films : Brian Eno
Another Day On Earth : Brian Eno
14 Video Paintings : Brian Eno
X&Y : Coldplay
50 Minutes Later : Phil Manzanera
77 Million : Brian Eno
77 Million Paintings By Brian Eno
Surprise : Paul Simon
Dylanesque : Bryan Ferry
Comicopera : Robert Wyatt
Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends : Coldplay
Prospekt's March EP : Coldplay
Everything That Happens Will Happen Today : David Byrne & Brian Eno
Tracks & Traces Remixed : Harmonia 76
No Line On The Horizon : U2
Small Craft On A Milk Sea : Brian Eno with Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams
Olympia : Bryan Ferry
Drums Between The Bells : Brian Eno and the words of Rick Holland
Panic Of Looking : Brian Eno and the words of Rick Holland
Mylo Xyloto : Coldplay
Lux : Brian Eno
Someday World : Eno ・ Hyde
High Life : Eno ・ Hyde
The Ship : Brian Eno
Reflection : Brian Eno

California Guitar Trio     カリフォルニア・ギター・トリオ

Rocks The West : California Guitar Trio
CG3 + 2 : California Guitar Trio with Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto

David Sylvian     デヴィッド・シルヴィアン

Adolescent Sex : Japan
Obscure Alternatives : Japan
Quiet Life : Japan
Gentlemen Take Polaroids : Japan
Tin Drum : Japan
Bamboo Houses / Bamboo Music : David Sylvian And Riuichi Sakamoto
愛がなくちゃね。 : 矢野顕子
Oil On Canvas : Japan
Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ・ Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence
Brilliant Trees : David Sylvian
Alchemy - An Index Of Possibilities : David Sylvian
Gone To Earth : David Sylvian
Secrets of the Beehive : David Sylvian
Plight & Premonition : David Sylvian ・ Holger Czukay
Flux And Mutability : David Sylvian & Holger Czukay
Pop Song : David Sylvian
Rain Tree Crow : Rain Tree Crow
Blackwater : Rain Tree Crow
Heartbeat : Ryuichi Sakamoto
Marco Polo : Alesini & Andreoni
Dead Bees On A Cake : David Sylvian
Zero Landmine : N.M.L. No More Landmine
Blemish : David Sylvian
World Citizen - i won't be disappointed - : ryuichi sakamoto + david sylvian
The Good Son VS The Only Daughter  The Blemish Remixes : David Sylvian
Snow Borne Sorrow : Nine Horses
The Very Best Of : Japan
Money For All : Nine Horses
Naoshima    When Loud Weather Buffeted : David Sylvian
Manafon : David Sylvian
Died In The Wool   Manafon variations : David Sylvian
A Victim Of Stars 1982 -2012 : David Sylvian
Wandermüde : Stephan Mathieu  David Sylvian
There's A Light That Enters Houses With No Other House In Sight : David Sylvian featuring Franz Wright & Christian Fennesz

Eddie Jobson     エディ・ジョブソン

Air Cut : Curved Air
Lovechild : Curved Air
Stranded : Roxy Music
Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle : Dana Gillespie
Country Life : Roxy Music
Mulgrave Street : Amazing Blondel
Siren : Roxy Music
Mad Dog : John Entwistle's OX
Viva! : Roxy Music
Listen Now : Phil Manzanera / 801
Zappa In New York : Frank Zappa
Studio Tan : Frank Zappa
A : Jethro Tull
Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar : Frank Zappa
The Green Album : Eddie Jobson / Zinc
Theme Of Secrets : Eddie Jobson
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 6 : Frank Zappa
Läther : Frank Zappa
Road Games : Allan Holdsworth
Brother Bear    An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack
Radiation : UKZ
Ultimate Zero Tour - Live : Eddie Jobson
Reunion UK - Live In Tokyo : UK

Judy Dyble     ジュディ・ダイブル

Fairport Convention : Fairport Convention
Morning Way : Trader Hone
Enchanted Garden : Judy Dyble
Spindle : Judy Dyble
The Whorl : Judy Dyble
Talking With Strangers : Judy Dyble

Keith Tippett     キース・ティペット

You Are Here... I Am There : The Keith Tippett Group
Dedicated To You, But You Weren't Listening : The Keith Tippett Group
1969 : Julie Driscoll
Blue Print : Keith Tippett
Ovary Lodge : Ovary Lodge

Sunset Glow : Julie Tippetts
Ovary Lodge : Ovary Lodge
They All Be On This Old Road : EDQ      New!
Cruel But Fair : Hopper / Dean / Tippett / Gallivan
Frames  Music for An Imaginary Film : Keith Tippett's Ark
Boundaries : Elton Dean Quintet      New!
Mujician I & II : Keith Tippett
Live at Ronnie Scotts : Weekend with Keith Tippett
Mercy Dash : Hopper / Dean / Tippett / Gallivan

Low Flying Aircraft : Low Flying Aircraft
Couple In Sprit : Keith & Julie Tippett
Mujician III ( august air ) : Keith Tippett
The Dartington Concert : Keith Tippett
The Journey : Mujician
Poem About The Hero : Mujician
Une Croix Dans L'ocean : Keith Tippett
Birdman : Mujician
Baldik : Dean / Dunmall / Levin / Rogers / Roswell / Tippett
Friday The 13th : Keith Tippett
Colours Fulfilled : Mujician
Two's and Three's : Elton Dean      New!
Couple In Spirit II : Keith And Julie Tippett
The Vortex Tapes : Elton Dean      New!
There's No Going Back Now : Mujician
Mujician Solo IV : Keith Tippett

Peter Giles     ピーター・ジャイルス

Syde Tryps Seven : Various Artists

Sara Lee     サラ・リー

Song Of The Free : Gang Of Four
Hard : Gang Of 4
Cosmic Thing : The B-52's
Good Stuff : The B-52's
Make It Beautiful : Sara Lee

Toyah     トーヤ

Jubilee Cert. X / The Outrageous Soundtrack From The Motion Picture
Ship Farming In Barnet : Toyah
The Blue Meaning : Toyah
Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! : Toyah
Live In Concert : Stranglers and friends
Urgh! A Music War
Anthem : Toyah
The Changeling : Toyah
Warrior Rock - Toyah On Tour : Toyah
Love Is The Law : Toyah
Minx : Toyah
Soundtracks : Tony Banks
The Lady Or The Tiger ? : Toyah And Fripp featuring The League Of Crafty Guitarists
Prostitute : Toyah
Ophelia's Shadow : Toyah
Take The Leap! : Toyah
Dreamchild : Toyah
The Acoustic Album : Toyah
Latex Messiah ( Viva la Rebel In You ) : Toyah
In The Court Of The Crimson Queen : Toyah
Fallen : Yomanda & Toyah
21st Century Supersister : Toyah
Sugar Rush : The Humans
I Believe In Father Christmas : Toyah

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