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Pickup Album で紹介したクリムゾンに在籍している(していた)メンバーの作品を掲載します。

David Cross     デヴィッド・クロス

Forever Blowing Bubbles : Clearlight
Low Flying Aircraft : Low Flying Aircraft
Arc Measuring : Radius
Memos From Purgatory : David Cross
Crawdaddy : The Darling Buds
Sightseeing : Radius
Music From New Demons : West India Company
The Big Picture : David Cross
Testing To Destruction : David Cross
There Is No Peace : Radius
Send : Psychomuzak
Closer Than Skin : David Cross
Unbounded : David Cross & Naomi Maki
Alive In The Underworld : David Cross Band
English Sun : David Cross And Andrew Keeling
Cold Sky Blue : Cross & Quinn
Sign Of The Crow : David Cross Band
Another Day : David Cross & David Jackson
Crossing The Tracks : David Cross

Gordon Haskell     ゴードン・ハスケル

Sail In My Boat : Gordon Haskell
Let The Days Go By : Bryn Haworth
Golden Flight : 山口百恵
Serve At Room Temperature : Gordon Haskell
Hambledon Hill : Gordon Haskell
Its Just A Plot To Drive You Crazy : Gordon Haskell
Butterfly China : Gordon Haskell
Reflections : Les Fleur De Lys
All In The Scheme Of Things : Gordon Haskell
How Wonderful You Are : Gordon Haskell
Harry's Bar : Gordon Haskell
There Goes My Heart Again : Gordon Haskell
The Lady Wants To Know : Gordon Haskell
The Road To Harry's Bar : Gordon Haskell
One Day Soon : Gordon Haskell Hionides

Gavin Harrison     ギャヴィン・ハリソン

Live Ritz N.Y.C 86 : Iggy Pop
Stop! : Sam Brown
Sarah Jane Morris : Sarah Jane Morris
The Big Idea : Dave Stewart And Barbara Gaskin
Spin : Stewart / Gaskin
Still Live With My Guitar : Kevin Ayers
Mustard Gas And The Roses : Jakko
Blackfield : Blackfield
Dead Wing : Porcupine Tree
21st Century Christmas & Move It : Cliff Richard
The Bruised Romantic Glee Club : Jakko M. Jakszyk
Blackfield II : Blackfield
Fear Of A Blank Planet : Porcupine Tree
Nil Recurring : Porcupine Tree
Drop : Gavin Harrison & 05ric
Circles : Gavin Harrison & 05ric
The Man Who Sold Himself : Gavin Harrison & 05Ric

Jakko M. Jakszyk     ジャッコ・ジャクスジク

You Caught Me Out : Tracey Ullman
Broken Records The Singles : Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin
It's Better To Travel : Swing Out Sister
Smell Of A Friend : The Lodge
As Far As Dreams Can Go : Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin
Stop! : Sam Brown
The Big Idea : Dave Stewart And Barbara Gaskin
Whisper A Prayer : Mica Paris
Kingdom Of Dust : Jakko
Mustard Gas And The Roses : Jakko
The Tooth Mother : Mick Karn
Genesis Revisited II : Steve Hackett

Jeremy Stacey     ジェレミー・スティシー

Frestonia : Aztec Camera
The North Star : Roddy Frame
What Are You Going To Do With Your Life? : Echo & The Bunnymen
C'mon, C'mon : Sheryl Crow
Clapton : Eric Clapton
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds : Noel Gallagher's High Birds
Ashes & Fire : Ryan Adams
Chasing Yesterday : Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Pat Mastelotto    パット・マステロット

Shandi : Shandi
One Night With A Stranger : Martin Briley
All I Need : Jack Wagner
I Wear The Face : Mr. Mister
Warrior : Scandal featuring Patty Smyth
Cock Robin : Cock Robin
Martika's Kitchen : Martika
Welcome To The Real World : Mr. Mister
Nick Gilder : Nick Gilder
Contact : Pointer Sisters
Winner In You : Patti LaBelle
Go On... : Mr. Mister
Weapons Of Love : The Truth
AQUA : 佐藤 博
Oranges & Lemons : XTC
Change Of Season : Daryl Hall  John Oates
A View from 3rd Street : Jude Cole
Pull : Mr. Mister
The Rembrandts : The Rembrandts
Cereal : Too Much Joy
Buffy The Vampire Slayer    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Untitled : The Rembrandts
In Thrall : Murray Attaway
One Thousand Years : Trey Gunn
Arrive All Over You : Danielle Brisebois
Prometheus : Prometheus
Don't Ask : Tina Arena
L.P. : The Rembrandts
A Testimonial Dinner    The Songs of XTC
Shelter Me : Richard Page
Spin This : Danny Wilde + The Rembrandts
'99 : Mastica
Encores, Legends & Paradox ・ A Tribute To The Music Of ELP
CG3 + 2 : California Guitar Trio with Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto
Thunderbird Suite : Rhythm Buddies
Guitar Wars DVD + Bonus CD Edition
TU : Trey Gunn Pat Mastelotto
8 Armed Monkey : KTU
Elysium For The Brave : Azam Ali
Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon
Quiver : KTU
Talking With Strangers : Judy Dyble
Sometime Soon : The Curator
Recidivate : Pat Mastelotto

Pete Sinfield     ピート・シンフィールド

Roxy Music : Roxy Music
Still : Pete Sinfield
Photos Of Ghosts : Premiata Forneria Marconi
Brain Salad Surgery : Emerson Lake & Palmer
Danse Macabre : Esperanto
The World Became The World :
Premiata Forneria Marconi
Brighter Day : Keith Christmas
Fish Out Of Water : Chris Squire
The 'Original' Bad Co. Anthology : Bad Company
In A Land Of Clear Colours : Robert Sheckley
Highdown Fair : Angelo Branduardi
No More Fear Of Flying : Gary Brooker
Bucks Fizz : Bucks Fizz
Are You Ready : Bucks Fizz
I Hear Talk : Bucks Fizz
The Colour Of My Love : Celine Dion
Drivers Eyes : Ian McDonald

Tony Levin     トニー・レヴィン

White Elephant : Mike Mainieri & Friends
Carly Simon : Carly Simon
Live In Tokyo : The Gary Burton Quartet
Berlin : Lou Reed
The First Light : The Family Of Mann
Whirlwinds : Deodato
Welcome To My Nightmare : Alice Cooper
Funk Factory : Funk Factory
Discotheque : Herbie Mann
Waterbed : Herbie Mann
Kate & Anna McGarrigle : Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Still Crazy After All These Years : Paul Simon
Goes To Hell : Alice Cooper
Surprises : Herbie Mann featuring Cissy Houston
Peter Gabriel : Peter Gabriel
Libby Titus : Libby Titus
Ringo The 4th : Ringo Starr
異邦人 Goro In New York : 野口五郎
Boys In The Trees : Carly Simon
Brazil - Once Again : Herbie Mann
Peter Gabriel : Peter Gabriel
Watermark : Art Garfunkel
Spy : Carly Simon
Power : John Hall
Come Upstairs : Carly Simon
Double Fantasy : John Lennon / Yoko Ono
Milk And Honey : John Lennon Yoko Ono
One-Trick Pony : Paul Simon
Peter Gabriel : Peter Gabriel
To Chi Ka : 渡辺香津美
Scissors Cut : Art Garfunkel
Season Of Glass : Yoko Ono
Peter Gabriel : Peter Gabriel
Hello Big Man : Carly Simon
Plays Live : Peter Gabriel
Sophia : 山下久美子
Boys And Girls : Bryan Ferry
Spoiled Girl : Carly Simon
Explorers : Explorers
That's Why I'm Here : James Taylor
Birdy : Music from the Film by Peter Gabriel
Starpeace : Yoko Ono
Park Hotel : Alice
So : Peter Gabriel
This Side Of Paradise : Ric Ocasek
Coming Around Again : Carly Simon
Cher : Cher
A Momentary Lapse Of Reason : Pink Floyd
Robbie Robertson : Robbie Robertson
Strange Angles : Laurie Anderson
Maria McKee : Maria McKee
The Other Side Of The Mirror : Stevie Nicks
Us : Peter Gabriel
Steam : Peter Gabriel
Digging in the Dirt : Peter Gabriel
Blood of Eden : Peter Gabriel
Drawing : 大貫妙子
Spin 1ne 2wo : Spin 1ne 2wo
Healing Bones : Jules Shear
SW Live EP : Peter Gabriel
Secret World Live : Peter Gabriel
What's  Inside : Joan Armatrading
From The Caves Of The Iron Mountain : Steve Gorn  Tony Levin  Jerry Marotta
Black Light Syndrome : Bozzio Levin Stevens
First : 黒沢健一
Aura : ASIA
Situation Dangerous : Bozzio Levin Stevens
Voices Of Life : The Bulgarian Women's Choir
Rocks The West : California Guitar Trio
OVO : Peter Gabriel
Heathen : David Bowie
Pieces Of The Sun : Tony Levin
Double Espresso : Tony Levin Band
CG3 + 2 : California Guitar Trio with Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto
Back Against The Wall
Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon
Soup : Stick Men
Ultimate Zero Tour - Live : Eddie Jobson
The Next Day : David Bowie
Deep : Stick Men
Levin Brothers : Levin Brothers

Trey Gunn     トレイ・ガン

Ophelia's Shadow : Toyah
One Thousand Years : Trey Gunn
The Joy Of Molybdenum : The Trey Gunn Band
Untune The Sky : Trey Gunn
TU : Trey Gunn Pat Mastelotto
8 Armed Monkey : KTU
Beyond Even (1992-2006) : Fripp & Eno
Quiver : KTU
Ultimate Zero Tour - Live : Eddie Jobson

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